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Hansel and Gretel

Gap-fill exercise

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Once upon a time a wood-cutter (to live) together with his wife and two children close to the forest. The boy’s name (to be) Hansel and the girl’s name Gretel. The family (not have) enough to eat. The man and his wife (to think) about what to do. The wife (to tell) her husband “Tomorrow morning we will take the children deep into the forest and then we will leave them alone.”
But the children (to hear) what their stepmother said. Gretel (to cry) and (to say) to her brother: “Now it is over with us.” Hansel (to have) a plan to help himself and his sister. When the parents (to fall) asleep, he (to go) outside and (to put) the white stones that (to glitter) in the moonlight into his pockets.
The next morning the parents (to take) the children into the forest and (to leave) them there – but with the help of the stones Hansel and Gretel (to get) back home. Again the parents (to try) to leave the children alone – this time the children (to not find) the way back.
Hansel and Gretel (to lose) their way. They (to be) very hungry. Suddenly they (to come) to a little house that was built of bread and cakes. The windows (to look) like clear sugar. Hansel (to break off) a little bit of the roof and (to like) it, Gretel (to eat) some of the window panes. Then a soft voice (to ask) from inside:
“Nibble, nibble, gnaw,
Who is nibbling at my little house?”
The children (to answer):
“The wind, the wind,
The heaven-born wind”
The old, friendly witch (to come) outside and (to want) to know what was happening. Hansel and Gretel (to run) into the house and (to lock) the door. Hansel and Gretel never (to allow) the witch back into her house again.



How does the fairy tale really end? Write the correct ending!


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